New Moon + New Month


There is one day left in November. It is always surprising how fast time moves. As a gift to us from the Universe, there is a New Moon tonight.

New Moons are always beautifully impactful on our lives as it signifies new beginnings. New Moons allows us the space and energy to set new intentions as though they were seeds being planted in the spring. Our seeds of intention germinate for many months before they are available for harvest, so-to-speak.

As we move into a new month and moon, take time to slow down and allow yourself to feel. Feel all that you want to happen for yourself. Set your intentions. Allow yourself to learn and enlighten yourself. Eliminate any and all excuses that have been plaguing you for the last few months. Tap into your higher self and ensure that your higher being is always at the forefront of your mind and actions. Allow your vision to be clear in your mind and pledge yourself to yourself. Set your goals and focus on them. Become one with the Universe and bind your energy, goals, and intentions to the Universe. For all that you want and that you are to be shall come forth.

Mediate. Relax. Take a salt bath. Pray. Chant. Dance. Light sage, palo santo, and incense. Vibe. Laugh. Be happy.

All your energies shall be the light in the coming months.

Peace and happy New Moon in Sagittarius, Warriors!

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