Self Care + Peace

The beginning of the week has arrived.

As we embark on this week’s journey, stay focused on peace. Peace is an inside job and we must ensure that nothing or no one negatively influences it, not even ourselves.

Embark in Self Care today and everyday. Carve out time for yourself. There is no such thing as “there isn’t time.” You must make the time. Take care of things that are important, including yourself. Do whatever you need to do to stay grounded this week. If you need to read, go for a walk, exercise, meditate, a hobby, etc., do it.

Peace and self-care isn’t a sometime-y thing. It should be a lifetime thing. It should be how we live our lives.

Sometimes, we get sidetracked from it and we should not beat ourselves up about it. Whay matters is coming back to it and putting forth the effort to stay. We may divert. We may forget. We may be too tired sometimes, but it can and shall be done. Be the Warrior that stands up for yourself to yourself. All is takes is you.

You got this, Warrior!

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