Shed the Layers of Old Ways – Relax, Relate, Release Part II

Life is quite an interesting experience. Many times, people go through the motions carrying everything that they’ve experienced, never letting go of unnecessary things.

At the end of the year, people typically spend time making “New Year’s Resolutions” to begin at the start of the new year. For some, the resolutions fall to the wayside after the first few weeks or months. Although there is nothing wrong with someone setting out to improve themselves through their resolutions, they must first get to the basics.

Like a tree, everything begins at the root. We must get to the root of ourselves. The root of occurrences that we’ve experienced throughout this year and years past. What is the root that we are trying to accomplish through our New Year’s Resolutions? Is it to exercise more? Eat better? Be more patient? Stop procrastinating? Letting go of bad habits? Yes? Why do we want to do these things? The ‘why’ is the root of the goal.

If we are setting out to exercise more, why is this our goal? Is it to lessen chronic pain? Have more energy? If our goal is to eat better, is it to prevent disease such as diabetes? To feel better from the inside out? If we want to become more patient, is it because you get frustrated easily? Are you hard on yourself or others? Is this something that you were raised around or that you’ve developed through the years? Would you like to find a way to stop procrastinating? Are you tired of waiting until the last minute and stressing? Are you finally to the point of where you want to let go of bad habits? You know that you should not do them but you continue to do so because that’s what you’ve always done? Is it a learned habit or a developed one? Was it one that grew from a bad situation or experience? Was it developed as a coping mechanism? An escape? Have you ever addressed what fueled this habit? Have you allowed yourself the room to heal from it?

All of these questions require some digging. It requires us to get real. It will be raw. It may even hurt, but it will show us our truths. The truths that will enable us to build a new foundation for ourselves. Something that we can build upon for years to come. Something that will allow us to continue beyond the first few weeks or months of the new year. We must focus ourselves on getting better and progressing each day. We should not wait until the end of the year to address these things. Life is continuous work, therefore, our improvement and growth is continuous growth. It won’t always be pretty. It may not always be nice. It will push and stretch us. It may push us to our limits but we will prevail if we so desire to do so.

Do not allow yourself or anyone to deter you from your goals or getting better. This is a personal journey, one that you are the master of. You are the Warrior. The General. The Captain. The President. Everything. It is you and the Universe / Creator / God. Be one with yourself and the Universe / Creator / God.

Sometimes, to shed these old layers, we must let go. Let go and release stagnant habits. Unhealthy relationships. Toxic environments. Anything that is not light. Although it may be a place where we may be at the current moment, it does not meant that we have to stay.

Take your time. Be patient with yourself. But no matter what, do the work to shed the layers. Get to the root of it all. Plant a new seed for yourself and watch it grow. Be the Sun and the rain for it. Nurture your seed. It will flourish, just as you shall.

Happy shedding, Warrior!

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