New Moon + Mercury Retrograde: Wisdom Tips

I absolutely love this time of the month. The New Moon is upon us. Truthfully, I love every aspect of the moon, however, the New and Full Moons are always extra special. Whereas the Full Moon brings about change and sometimes makes us feel weird, the New Moon is primetime to set intentions.

Mercury Retrograde is a time where planet Mercury moves in reverse. Mercury rules communication and travel on many different levels. We may feel that things are breaking down, travel isn’t going smoothly, we are forgetting things, communication isn’t up to par, and more. Mercury Retrograde is a key time to slow down and be in tune with oneself as well as the Universe. This is a time of reflection, revisiting and understanding. For the next couple of weeks until Mercury moves out of retrograde on January 8th, 2017, we must take the time to look inward. This is a time to focus on self and understand what it is that we would like for the future and what has occurred in the past months. Think of it as a “do over” period. Resist the goals that you set for yourself. Allow yourself time to think things through on a deeper level.

This month’s New Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn energy is best for orienting goals and using them to shape our lives.

But what is so special about the New Moon in conjunction with Mercury Retrograde? Great question.
Usually, the New Moon is a great time to begin new things, however, we are still in Mercury Retrograde so our energy is best spent reflecting on our goals /ambitions, routines and habits.

To positively utilize the Moon’s energy, it is best to:

  • Revisit Previously Set Goals – Honor the goals that you set and the progress that you’ve made. For those that haven’t progressed quite yet, honor the intent. Honor the effort that you put forth to work toward your goals. For those awaiting movement, visualize your goal and how you will get there. Revisit what worked and what didn’t to create your own “lessons learned.” Note them as you move forward with them after Mercury Retrograde.
  • Focused Visualization Meditation – Allow yourself time to focus on your goals. Mentally take yourself to a relax place. Allow the energy to seep into your entire being. As you’re in this peaceful place, visualize your goals. Visualize the steps and efforts that you will take / put forth to reach your goals. Prepare your mind for success. Allow yourself to trust and believe that you will reach your goals. The journey may shift. There may be a time where you have to rest, but you shall not give up. You will reach it.

Honor and give thanks for the last New Moon of the 2016! As we transition into the new year, prepare yourself to turn your visualizations into action after Mercury moves out of retrograde.

Use the energy to grow yourself. For meditation and self-reflection. The Universe shares these gifts with us and we should take full advantage.

Peace and love, Warrior!

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