Liberate Yourself! 4 Reasons Why You Should Write It Down – Relax, Relate, Release Part IV



What a year! First, take a moment to give thanks for the year. The ups, downs, and everything in between. Without them, we will not know ourselves and our capabilities.

As the year is coming to a close, many people are focusing on their challenges (or what I call, “character-building moments”). While it is okay to reflect, one must ensure that they are looking at the challenges / character-building moments in the right way. Right now, many people are saying, “Oh, this year sucked!” or “I can’t wait until 2017!” Well, in order to make sure the next year is phenomenal, you must weed and feed. This year, you planted a seed for yourself. But just with plants, you must prune them to allow it to grow healthy. In life, we must prune the negativity, bad habits, and things that do not deserve to move on with us. After pruning, we must feed our life positive energy in order to flourish.

To begin, we must first prepare our minds on weeding and feeding our life plants.

For the weeding, you will need paper, pen/pencil, incense/candle/sage, and space to think. After you’ve set up, focus your mind on things that have ran its course and shall remain behind in order for you to proceed. Things such as bad habits (ex. procrastination), toxic relationships (includes friends and family), low self-esteem, unhealthy food, not loving your body, self-deprecating thoughts, anger, lack of patience, not taking care of yourself, overworking yourself, misuse of time, not working on your goals, not having goals, not investing in yourself, being complacent, giving up, not believing that you deserve better, self-sabatoge, believing negative things that have been said about you, letting others project their fears onto you, falling back into broken cycles (things that you’ve defeated in the past), not allowing time for hobbies, not tapping into your talent, working at a place that drains you, not saying ‘no’, not saying ‘yes’, not being curious, not exploring things outside of your norm, taking things for granted, not giving thanks, thinking that everything is bad, not learning your lessons, doing the same ol’ things, destructive behaviors, not trusting your gut/instincts, not loving those that deserve your love (including yourself), not helping others, not smiling, not being joyful, etc. Write it all down. Don’t be afraid. The weeding phase is between you and the Universe. No one is to judge. Take your time. Dig deep into the recesses of your mind and soul. Write. It. All. Down. Once you are done making your list, make this declaration, “With this, I leave behind…” and read everything on your list. Complete the declaration with, “Henceforth, I make the promise to myself to always work on myself throughout my journey. I will be patient. I will make time to reflect and revisit. I will kind and loving to myself. I promise that I will not bring forth all that I leave behind. Not everything deserves to move forward with me. I leave these so that I can proceed. I claim all that is good and will learn from all that I feel is not-so-good. I am a Warrior and I am capable of living my life to the fullest. I will give to others as well as give to myself. I will be the light.”

To begin the feeding phase, close your eyes and relax. Allow yourself to meditate and visualize your year. Honor everything that you have been through. Everything. Take a moment to honor the fact that although you may have faced some obstacles, they influenced your journey and added to your foundation. Honor that it may not have been your vision (good or bad), but you’ve progressed in some form or fashion. Honor the things that did not happen due to the Universe’s protection. Honor all the good and beautiful things. Give thanks for it all. Now as you’ve honored and gave thanks, allow your vision to finish with a positive place. Picture being near a waterfall and listening to the animals and insects sing. Listen to the tranquil movement of the water. Feel the ground beneath you as you sit to take it all in. You are in the right place in your life. Just like the water, you will keep flowing. Just like the animals, you will keep singing.

In the world of technology, you may wonder why I stated that you needed paper and pen(cil) to write rather than digital notes. Michael Leboeuf once said, “When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.”

Four reasons why having a physical record of what you plan to leave behind is important:

  1. In the future, you can look back and remind yourself of what you’ve left behind. You will be able to measure your growth and/or regroup on how to not bring forth what you’ve let go.
  2. The list will remind you of your goals. It will remind you that you chose to improve yourself through love, effort, patience, and trust. You believe that you are capable of doing better.
  3.  Pencil and paper allows you to focus. The energy and action flows from your mind, through your hand, and onto paper. It is tangible. The movement of your hand as you write is like a handshake with the Universe.
  4. Provides clarity. Now that everything is written down, you are no longer bombarded with these thoughts. Many times, we have some many thoughts and am processing so much, we are not sure what to give our energy to. With it being written down, one can prioritize and apply it to the next move. With a clear mind, one can focus on the future.

Allow yourself some time to reflect, weed & feed. Do not carry over things that do not deserve your time and energy nor will grow you. Leave it behind for once and for all.

Peaceful weeding and feeding, Warrior!

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