Fruitful Friday – Regroup, Rest, and Focus

This week, I took time off to regroup and focus. I listened to what my mind and body called for. This time was the epitome of self-care by allowing myself to regroup, rest, and allow myself to focus.

Now, on this beautiful Friday graced by the New Moon, I am here to encourage you to allow yourself the space to do as your body and spirit calls for. As you do so, take time to focus your mind on your intentions for the coming month. Focus on all the great things you set out to achieve. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in what did not occur in the last thirty days. It is time to begin anew. This is your time. Focus your mind’s eye on what you want to happen. It does not need to be complex. It can be simple things such as being peaceful more often than not. Some simple intentions are:

  • I intend to allow myself to rest by going to bed on time
  • I intend to fuel my body by eating more green vegetables on a daily basis
  • I intend to start my day peacefully by meditating before starting the day
  • I intend to be more aware of why I want things by being aware by being mindful of purchases
  • I intend to reduce waste by using less paper products
  • I intend to be present by going for walks outside

There is room for the specific intentions as well. Allow yourself the space to plant those seeds (intentions). Fix it in your mind that those seeds will be watered and receive the sun they need to grow.

Happy New Moon, Warrior, and enjoy planting those seeds!

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