Channeling Peace: 3 Ways to Channel Peace

Photo Source: Reddit

Have you ever felt overwhelmed to the point where you did not have the energy to do anything? Have you ever felt like there were so many things going on that you did not know which to do first?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in that moment that felt like everything will spill over because of what is being demanded us.

Take a moment to think back. How did you handle these moments and experiences? Did you shut down, run away or feel like you were being crushed?

It becomes imperative for us to be able to move, act and live in peace at all times. But there are some times where external factors causes stress to take over and we are frozen or weighed down. In these moments, we must have an emergency button. Our emergency button is the direct way to peaceful energy. It allows us to shut out everything else except ourselves, the Universe and our peace. Peace always come from within so we must always be in tune with ourselves. We must have a direct path to our peace within in our to pull the cloak around ourselves and become grounded. But how do we do this in the face of sticky situations?

1. Get Quiet – Shut out all noise that is happening around you and in your mind. Focus yourself on how you feel when you are at peace. Allow your mind to travel in peace and grab hold of it and allow it to radiate within and around you.

2. Picture a Place of Wonderful Memories – What brings your great joy to reminisce on? Is it remembering going to your Grandmother’s place where she helped you with crafts? Or when your parents took you to the park? The spontaneous trip you took to the Hill Country for a hike? The time you helped a family that was less fortunate? The time your child read their first sentence by themselves? The day you decided you loved yourself through and through and no one else’s opinions mattered? Go to that place. Travel back to that memory that brings positive vibes and a smile to your face. Pull that energy to the present day and bask in it. Emanate it. You have the power to being peaceful energy around you.

3. Walk Away and Regroup – Sometimes, the best option is removing yourself from the situation. It allows you the space to regroup and focus on peace without the tumultuous factors going on. If you came, walk outside and ground yourself with nature. Pay attention to the elements of nature. The wind, the Sun, the clouds, the sky, the birds and bugs. They are examples of peace. Channel that energy to bring to your present and continue on.

There are many ways to channel peace in our lives. Stay focused and do not allow situations or moments to weigh you down. You will excel.

Keep the peace, Warrior!

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