Spiritual Sunday Wisdom

It is    e x t r e m e l y   important that we feed our spirits. We are constantly tapping the source and using its energy. Yet, we tend to forget to replenish ourselves. Take time to find what moves and feeds you. Be it dancing, reading, cooking, volunteering, singing, painting, drawing, writing, meditating, exercising, walking in nature…You name it. You just do it. It is for you. It is made for you. It is made for your spiritual nourishment. Make a way and make the time.
It is essential to our well being and we often forget about ourselves. We subconsciously think that we are an endless source of energy that does not need to be refueled, only, we quickly learn the truth after we find that we have been drained and tapped out.

Awareness is keep to countering the extinguishment of our spirits and energy. Awareness forces us to address the issue before it becomes a problem. Too often, we learn our lessons due to hindsight rather than foresight. This, my fellow Warrior, serves as the moment that you must open your spiritual eye and see the truth. See that you must make a way to serve yourself better. See that something must be released in order to optimize your spiritual health. See that there are things that you do that nourishes your spirit. See that these things must continue. See that there are many facets to your spiritual growth, health and well-being. See that periodic check-ups are key. See that we may get off-track and that it is okay as long as we are aware and work to address it. See that your spirit is essential to you so it must be cared for.

See that you and your spirit are essential to the world and Universe. And that it must be in optimal condition.

Take care, Warrior! You got this.

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