Get Your Energy Right!


There is so much going on in the world. So much going on nationally and locally (no matter where you live, really). That, in turn, often means that there is a lot going on within.

With constant exposure to the media outlets, social media, and those around you who discuss events, issues, etc., it become quite easy to absorb the energy of those things. It is also quite easy to absorb the energy of the people around you. They could just be sitting near you, actively having a discussion or sharing a story with you, or you witnessing their interactions with others. And how many times has our energy changed when something happened? Someone cut us off while driving. We missed a meeting. We’re running late. We forgot our lunch. Someone is ignoring your emails. The list goes on…

There are so many things going on that constantly pushes and pulls at us. The energy of these people, situations, circumstances, and our experiences can consume us if we are not actively on guard against it.

How do we actively guard against it?

We can do several things.

  1. Let That Sh*t Go. – Just let it go. How many times have we allowed a short moment to impact our entire day? Someone messed up the order. Something didn’t go right at work. Someone didn’t do what they said they would do. You woke up late. The list is infinite. Get. Over. It. It is not that deep. Seriously. It may sound harsh but refer is too much life to live and things to experience to be caught up in something that ultimately equates to a minute of time in your life span. Heck, even in the Universe’s life span. How’s that for a sense of significance?
  2. Work Through It. And Then Let It Go. – This goes back further into history. Your history. As we grow (in childhood and adulthood), we experience an immeasurable amount of things. Many of these, we tend to forget. We can sometimes recall a moment from way back then, and other times, we cannot. But what we often forget is how much some of these things impact us. They impact how we do things, how we see things, even how we experience things. This can be good and this can be bad. But we must take the time to identify what it is that no longer belongs in the present state of our being. We must identify and we must heal. It will take work. You will have to work hard at working through it. But it would be worth it.
  3. Put Up An Invisible Shield. – That’s right. Close your eyes and think of a Warrior. Imagine the shield that they keep in front of them to protect them as they move through the battle. This is what you need to have as you move through life. Use your Warrior shield to protect you from the energies of others, events, and situations. Use it to show your strength. That you are greater than any negativity thrown your way.
  4. Check Your Self. – This is important. Extremely important. Too often, we walk around with the heaviness of everything that we’ve witnessed or experienced weighing down on us. That shifts our energy and it takes over. Sometimes, we feel down and out, agitated, or what have you. That energy become what we emit to as we move about. But it needs to stop. How? By you checking yourself. Check your energy. Check how you feel. Review what may be impacting it. And then…correct it. Your are the captain of this Warrior ship (read: you). You have the power to change any and everything within. So be sure to do so.
  5. Be the Light That You Desire – We must be the light. We must imagine ourselves as a ray of Sun that walks through this life, lighting up the world. Be it a smile, a hug, a kind word, or just your presence, be the light. Wherever you go, allow the light that you are to emit and reach far and wide. It will make it an impact, I promise. Vibrate higher, even when it is hard. Vibrate your energy higher even when you feel that you cannot. If we have the power to change the physical ecosystem within, we can change the energy. 

All of these tools can help you check your energy. It is all about awareness. Be aware of the energy that is around you. Be aware of what is going on around you. Be aware of what is going on within. Be aware.

You got this, Warrior!



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