Fruitful Friday // Give Yourself the Space

Ah, it’s Friday for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere and it seems that this week was full of lessons (as always). 

I chose to step away and allow myself the space to center myself; to focus on closing out things that were due to be complete; to fuel myself with intentions; and to appreciate life. Oftentimes, we are caught up in what needs to be done, what we want to do and just the day-to-day. While all of these things brings beautiful gifts, we need to recognize the need to give ourselves space. 

Just like a battery, our energy does not continuously go. We must move with the Sun and the Moon. Move with nature. Move with our spirit. This requires us to be in tune. To have a special connection with ourselves, nature and the Universe / God / Most High to be able to hear and recognize we need the most. 

In the spirit of giving ourselves space, we must give ourselves the space to learn, grow, succeed, not succeed, fall down, get up, and teach. Everything in society essentially screams timelines. We must do X by age Y. We should do this. We should do that. It becomes so engrained in our mentality that we begin to impose deadlines on ourselves. And those deadlines become the leasing reason for doing things. Truth is, we should do things because we want to. We want to work toward it. We want to experience it. We must step back and allow ourselves the space to do these things without a box of timelines and requirements. We must enjoy the road to these things. If it happens in that time, great. If it happens before or after the timelines, so be it. It happened. You because the chef, the principal, the financial guru, the doula, the artist, the actress, the healer, the bookstore owner, someone who does yoga 7 days a week, the person who volunteers at homeless shelters /abuse centers / nursing homes, the one who began a community garden, etc. 

Give yourself space. The space is golden. It is not to be looked over. It is not to be used as the area to fuel your auto-pilot. It is to be enjoyed. It is learn. To flourish. To rest. To reset. To smile. To be at peace. To be joyful. To be everything that is lovely in this world. 

Celebrate the space that seems to know no bounds until there needs to be bounds. 

Give yourself space, Warrior!

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