6 Ways to Prepare for the Full Moon in Libra + Mercury Retrograde Tips


What’s not to love about the Moon? New Moon. Waxing Moon. Full Moon. Waning Moon. Every phase is beautiful and brings something different to the energies of the Universe.

Yesterday, Mercury went retrograde, although it feels like we just ended the last retrograde. These past few weeks brings a lot of things to the forefront with a new season, multiple planets in retrograde and now a Full Moon.

The two biggest aspects of the month are the New Moon and Full Moon. While the New Moon is for setting intentions, the Full Moon brings clarity. The energy of the Full Moon often feels intense due to the gravitational pull on the Earth, thus, us.

As the moon becomes full tomorrow, we want to be sure to prepare for its changes and make use of its energy. Six things we can do are:

  1. Slow Down and Meditate – Very important. Make the time. Take your time.
  2. Protect Your Energy – Don’t be a sponge for negatively that goes on around your or is directed toward you. Be aware of the energy and remove yourself, center and ground yourself.
  3. Breathe In. Breathe Out. – Breathe deeply and center yourself before responding or reacting.
  4. Release and Cleanse – Sage or Palo Santo, anyone? Sage is a go-to. A best friend. A requirement for everything. Take some time to mentally bring everything to the forefront (from your conscious and subconscious) and address and release. Take a  d e e p breath and let it all go. Next, burn sage or palo santo and spread the smoke around your space to cleanse the energy. Open windows to let fresh air in and let out the stagnant air. If you can’t have smoke in your place, add some sage essential oil to a diffuser and move it around your place.
  5. Get Creative! – Have you been working on a project that you would like to get back into? Do you feel the energy flowing through you to direct toward your project? Do you have thoughts flowing for a new project? Write them down! Get it all out. Prepare them for the New Moon to begin.
  6. Cleanse Your Crystals – It is Moon bath time! Put them in the windowsill in direct moonlight; bury them in the Earth; or put them on the grass outside, in the moonlight.

Curious about being successful during Mercury Retrograde until it ends on May 3rd? Tune in below.

  1. Be Patient – Things will be a little off. You will feel the energy a lot more than normal. Be patient. Do not stress. There is no need.
  2. Renew – Renew your energy. Renew yourself. Renew your thought process. Renew your mind. Renew your body. Renew. If you can, do not begin new projects.
  3. Double-Check – Things tend to be weird doing this time period so re-read things. Double-check communications. Review preset payment dates. Validate everything.
  4. Someone from Waaaaaayyyy Back When – Yeah, have you ever felt like someone came out of the woodwork unexpectedly? It happens. It’s like Mercury retrograde is like a silent whistle for these things.
  5. Backups – EXTREMELY important. Take your time. Have extra copies. Don’t freak out.
  6. Self-Care – Take care of yourself, through and through. Try not to allow yourself to become stressed or frustrated. Allow yourself time to get things done and to travel. Self-care is always of utmost importance.

Want to read more about the other planets in retrograde or that have recently gone direct? Check out Carmen’s article surrounding the current retrogrades.

Happy Moon Loving and Retrograde Living, Warriors!

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