Gratitude!!! (Farm to Table)

Joy often comes in forms that you least expect it. This path provides prime opportunity for blessings (big and small). We must open up and allow them in. Often times, it may feel serendipitous. Other times, it may not. But either way, it is beautiful. 

This is a fruit haul. A special one, at that. A friend of mine helps out at their family farm every weekend. While I knew this, I just happen to be over when they were telling me about their current harvest. And that’s when the 💡went off. I kindly asked where the farm was and what they’d have this coming weekend. Well, they told me and I made a (long) list. And today, they told me that my bounty was ready!!!! I proudly and humbly collected the beautiful fruits and veggies they provided me. This farm, one of a small business, gifted me with LIFE. LIFE! I am SOOOO delighted beyond what I can explain. While many are happy with other things, I am happy with the simple things. And this, this is a gift. (More beautiful photos below).


Above: Cucumbers, tomatoes, Italian peppers, and bell peppers

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