Solar Eclipse + New Moon Intentions

Today has been quite a glorious one! If you are like me and completely ADORE the great things of nature and were able to view the Solar Eclipse, then you are over the moon (pun-intended but that is also how I feel).

It was fun to have a pin-hole viewing box and to play around with the solar glasses as well. Those ten or so minutes of spending time outside marveling at the wonders of the literal Universe was PHENOMENAL! It is one of those things to share stories about, generations from now.

Weeks leading up to the eclipse have been the home of intense energy. This energy has pulled many things to the surface that needs to be addressed. If you have been feeling as though there are many emotions, memories, and other things coming out of nowhere, they may be things that demands your attention in order to be released.

This is the time period where frustration, guilt, overwhelm, tiredness, uncertainty, fear, doubt, insecurity, jealously, procrastination, lack of patience, irritability, not caring for self, not being loving, and a n y t h i n g else that is not of a high vibration MUST be let go.

To lead the way for a transformation of your energies, I suggest making the space to do the following:

Mediate to align yourself with the divine. Bind yourself with righteous and high vibrating energies.

Write down EVERY single thing that will not move forward with you to the next day. DIG DEEP! This is a spring cleaning × detox of your spirit and psyche. Let it all pour out onto your page(s).

Write a short letter to yourself to forgive yourself of anything and to release the spiritual and mental attachment that you have toward these feelings. Fuel the healing process and make space for the light. Allow the light to fill every crevice and aspect of your being. It rolls through to fuel the growth and allow the seeds of positivity to grow.

Now, write down EVERY one of your intentions for the next several years. There are NO limits. Not in your mind. Not in your heart. Not in your spirit. Not in the Universe. Everything that is for you awaits you. Make your intentions without fear or hesitation.

Confirm your releases and intentions with the Universe. Honor the lessons that have shaped you.

Repeat: “Universe, I thank you for the lessons that you have brought me. I receive them and I take them to heart. As I show my gratitude, I release all other feelings that I have towards the experiences that brought me the lessons.”

Rise up (spiritually) to confirm the intentions that you set with the Universe.

Repeat: “Universe, I thank you for the vision and gifts that you have presented me with. As I set my intentions, I confirm with you my love, gratitude, positivity, peace, and faith and joy that I have for myself and my intentions. I open my heart to the gifts that you have for me. I patiently await and make the space for them. Thank you.”

Close your eyes and allow the light to wash over you. Feel it and hold it close.

Peace to you on this healing night, Warrior!

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