Join Me for the “Finish the Year Fully Energized Workshop” – 12/2

pexels-photo-450301Hello, Warriors!!

On the journey to grow my mindset mentor practice, I am opening a new chapter of Warrior Wisdom and Wit. The first page of that chapter is teaching lessons and methods that will enable you to hone in your focus, honor your gifts, accomplishments, and self as well as working toward your goals for the rest of the year.

As we get closer to the end year, we often begin to look to the next year in order for us to reach our goals, while forgetting about the time we have left in the existing year. 
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[VIDEO] – Show Up… ALWAYS!!


even when you don’t feel like you have it in you. even when you want to stay in bed. even when you’re ready to throw in the towel. even when you’re in a funk. even when you don’t know how you feel. even when there is a lot of sh*t to get done.

Show. Up. For Y O U.

You’ll thank yourself later. Trust me.

A much needed message

Uncut and unedited but directly from the heart. I hope that this reaches those who need it and that the message is received in the heart & mind. Peace and love, Warrior!

Little Bits of Wisdom – Just Be

As I sit here reflecting, the lesson that comes up so often (especially with the way we are conditioned to constantly be doing something), is to just be.
🌿 We don’t always have to move. We don’t always have to do something. We must learn to just be. By being okay with stillness, we open ourselves to rest, to reflect, to regenerate, to new things, new blessings and doors. 🌿 Be comfortable with just being a still version of yourself.