Are you in tune with what you desire out of life? Do you readily admit to yourself what you desire no matter how far out it may seem?

Do you claim the pockets of time that allows you your peace? Venturing outside. Leisurely strolling around a garden. Savoring the cup of cocoa. Soaking in the tub. Reading every word of a book at your own pace. Massaging your feet and scalp before you go to bed.
Do you allow yourself to connect with and act upon your inner desires?

I do. I’ve chosen to be more mindful of my needs as they shift and change. I connect with my Ancestors, nature, and the Divine. I let my hair be free. I smile, laugh, sing, and dance (even if people are watching or listening). I connect and live them because they fuel me.

✨ And I encourage you to do the same✨

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