👊Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance👊

That phrase has been on my mind lately. In writing this, I chose the fist as it represents strength in the midst of everything in our lives.

👉What is it that you feel you are being guided to do in your life right now? 👈

What do you feel has come between you and the first step of action to bring that thing to fruition?

Your schedule? Time? Lack of energy? Fear? Doubt? Discomfort? Lack of support? Uncertainty? Procrastination? Laziness? Complacency?

Soooooo many things that we allow to get in our way. Sometimes, things truly come up but it is to U S if we set things in motion to get back in alignment. To move forward even when our voice shakes, belaying our nervousness.

Imagine how you would feel by taking that first step.

✨By applying to that job

✨ Establishing the outline for your online curriculum

✨ Registering for that class
✨ Purging old things
✨ Having that conversation
✨ Speaking your truth
All of that has a place in your life. You simply have to DECIDE that 💫 YOU DESERVE IT!💫

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