life. life’s experiences contribute a *lot* to our outlook, feelings, emotions, joy, harmony and sense of peace.

a common thought process is that what is outside of us controls what is inside. au contraire.

WE. W E . YOU. ME. We are the beholders of our peace. The gatekeepers. The guards. The warriors of it all.

Meaning no one else but you for you and me for me are in charge. Can other things have influence on it? Sure. But we DECIDE (actively) if we are going to allow something *from* the outside to influence our inside.

there are a lot of things that can bother. a lot of shit that can make you heavy. As forever-great Mother Toni Morrison said, “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”

And that, my fellow warrior, is what we must do. otherwise, you’re stuck in shit and who wants that. 😉

✨ REFLECTION: What is it that you are holding onto that the Universe is sending you signs to release? (Examples – past hurts, anger, the one time someone wore your same outfit to the same event, disappointment over missed something …)✨

Personally, I connect with my records for guidance and to ensure that I stay in tune with myself and the Divine.

🐦 DM me if you would like to experience a session. Invest in yourself. The time is now. 🐦

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