2. 0. 1. 9.
The year of truth.
Being patient with ourselves.
Kind to ourselves.
Celebrating ourselves.
Doing new things.
Releasing inhibitions.
Exceeding limits.
Protecting our space.
Smiling more.
Giving real hugs.
Spending times with loved ones.
Channeling our Ancestors.
Trusting in God.
Believing in the Universe.
Blessing others.
Blessing ourselves.
Living our purpose.
L I V I N G over merely existing.
Investing in self.
Making time for self.
Caring for self.
Nurturing self.
Knowledge of self.
Knowledge of history.
This is the year of YOU.
Are you ready to claim it?

FREE Self-Care for the Working Woman Workshop – August 18th

Have you been hearing about self-care in conversations, in magazines, on social media and more?

Does it sound like a ✨magical, far-off place that is only reached through a 7 month vacation, daily spa treatments, a personal chef, five housekeepers, a dog walker for your fish, and someone who must be Oprah’s clone?✨

Do you read and hear about it and think, “self-care sounds wonderful but there is this thing called ‘adulting’…?” 💁‍♀️

Trust me, I get it!

While the Oprah-style set-up sounds wonderful, I know that it is not the O N L Y way to indulge in self-care.

I K N O W that there are SO MANY WAYS (hint: we may already do some of them and know even know it) to create our OWN self-care greatness. Crafted for us. As an individual. They just don’t tell you about it.

But the thing is, our wellness is important. In this fast-paced, high energy “norm” that we live in, feeding into ourselves is of the UTMOST importance.

If you are ready to dive into…
☀️What self-care means to YOU
☀️ Giving Yourself Permission to Care for Self
☀️ Daily Self-Care Techniques that can be used in a short amounts of time
☀️ Identifying the Best Techniques for You
☀️ Relaxation Techniques in the Midst of High-Energy Moments
☀️ Creating a Routine That Enables You to Continue on This Journey

Then join me this 💫Saturday, August 18th at 9:30 AM CST / 2:30 PM UTC 💫

Did I mention that I am 🧚‍♀️gifting this workshop 🧚‍♀️at no cost?

🦋Register Here: http://bit.ly/FreeSelfCareWorkshop 🦋

Much love and I look forward to seeing you! 😍