Take It In Stride – Wisdom Wednesday


You are full of talent and greatness that is waiting to be shared with the world. The fire of the greatness burns within and is constantly fueling us. The fire fuels us to utilize our talents to the fullest extent. However, there is a time and place for each aspect of our greatness. Each part of greatness has a part in our journey. There are parts that must occur before the next aspect can. Keep this in mind as you journey through your life; as you put to use your talents and greatness.

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Stay in Your Own Lane – Wisdom Wednesday


You are unique. You have your own talents. Your own goals to reach.

There is no need to compare yourself to the next person no matter what. No matter what you see on social media. No matter what you read in magazines. No. Matter. What.

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Know this and understand it. They see your light and try to dim it but don’t give them that power. Continue to be powerful, Warrior.

Wisdom Wednesday: Seek the Beauty in Everything

With so much going on in the world, it is imperative that we focus on the beauty that occurs every day. We must not allow what we read/hear about or see in the news. Remember that although it seems that bad things are happening often, there are many great spirits around the world bringing joy to themselves and others.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Redirect Your Focus

Ah, life. You bring us much joy, memories, and opportunities to build our strength. At times, many of these things come full swing at one time. We are then left to decipher what will hold our attention or how we balance it all.
As we go about our lives, we are never without action and a need to act. Go to work. Prepare our meals. Take care of our families. Take care of ourselves. Pay bills. Visit loved ones. Prepare for the future. Deal with the now. So on and so forth.

But we must focus. Focus on the now and nothing else for a moment.

Think of how it is when you put on headphones to listen to music. Every thing around you gets silenced and all you hear is the music. That is your focus for those moments. Your brain and body is set on what you are listening to. Let what you are focusing on at the moment – your ‘thing’ – be your music.

Too often, we allow ourselves to be consumed by the many things that are asked of us. Too often we focus on what we are being asked to do and not ourselves.

Be in tune with yourself to recognize when you should redirect your focus. Listen to what your spirit is calling for. Your spirit may be calling for rest, meditation, a walk in nature, stepping back from commitments, re-evaluating what you’re putting your energy toward, volunteering for less, exercising more, addressing health issues, allotting time for hobbies, or whatever it is you are being led to do.

Be sure not to allow your current commitments to prevent you from hearing the voice within that will lead you. Maintain a clear focus and be flexible. Your needs will change. Be cognizant and prepared to go as your spirit calls for you to.

You got this, Warrior!

Wisdom Wednesday: The Universe, Balancer of All Things

The Universe is the ultimate balancer, protector and guide.

The Universe has a way of removing all that is not for us and maintaining/presenting what is for us. We must take the time to understand and be able to differentiate what we should hold onto versus what we should let go. There will come a time (countless times, actually) where one will realize that something seems “lost” to them – a friend, opportunity, job, significant other, etc. But, have you realized how things have improved for you going forward? Maybe that “great” opportunity have an even better one come after it. Perhaps you thought that you’d be happy with the job/house/car/situation/person/self if you were to do _____, but the Universe said otherwise.

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Repeat it. Engrain this in your mind. In your being. Believe it. Live it. 

Wisdom Wednesday: One Cannot Grow

One cannot grow when they are fulfilling themselves with the same energy.

If one has been wronged by someone or something, do not harp on it. If something has not gone as you please, let it go. Realize that everything we may want isn’t good for us. Somethings that we consider a loss may have protected us. Something we missed out on may have been better suited for someone else.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Channel Your Goals and Objectives

Channel your goals & objectives and turn them into energy to fuel your actions. Allow that energy to be the light that guides you on your path. Keep your mind right. Stay patient. Continue to be determined. Understand that sometimes, your path will require you to make adjustments – be it time or method. But you will arrive.

Stay focused. You got this, Warrior!