Question everything. 

Seek the truth. 

Open yourself to new lessons.

Learn on your journey. 

Grow your mind.

Let go of the untruths. 

That’s how a better society is created. 

Wisdom Wednesday: Seek the Beauty in Everything

With so much going on in the world, it is imperative that we focus on the beauty that occurs every day. We must not allow what we read/hear about or see in the news. Remember that although it seems that bad things are happening often, there are many great spirits around the world bringing joy to themselves and others.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Channel Your Goals and Objectives

Channel your goals & objectives and turn them into energy to fuel your actions. Allow that energy to be the light that guides you on your path. Keep your mind right. Stay patient. Continue to be determined. Understand that sometimes, your path will require you to make adjustments – be it time or method. But you will arrive.

Stay focused. You got this, Warrior!

Wisdom Wednesday: It’s Okay to Not Have It Figured Out

Sometimes we may think that we have it all figured out, then we continue on our journey and realize that we do not have it all figured out.

As we grow, we must adjust. What worked in the past may not work now. It’s like trying to wear a pair of pants from when you were six years old. You may love it but it just does not work.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Trust the Process

Time for a little honesty here.

We all have had moments when we get impatient with our journey. We wonder how we ended up here when we were aiming to end up over there. We wonder how or why we are being challenged the way that we are. We wonder how we ended up off course of where we planned to be. The answer is: because we are supposed to be.

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Wisdom Wednesday: One Must Always Listen

It’s funny how our parents (or those who were like parents to us) bestow wisdom on us all the time. Often, as kids, we probably didn’t understand the full meaning of it, didn’t pay much mind to it, or thought it was great but it didn’t seem applicable at that time.

Fast forward x amount of years and you hear the whispers of your parents’ words in your mind. That happens more often than not. In fact, I smile when I hear it. They love(d) me enough to guide me. One thing that stands out today is that we must always listen. Always.

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