Sleep, Please.

Oh, sleep. How we all love you, but you often elude us. Or rather, our lifestyles stands in the way of a strong relationship with you. But we need you, sleep. We will coax you and do all that we can to have you back in our lives.

Work, errands, goals, stress, bad habits and not being in tune with nature often has a big impact on our sleep. It is imperative for us to have good, restful sleep. But night after night, we awake to feeling completely drained and rundown. We reach for cup after cup of coffee, we count the hours, we drag on, and continue the cycle.

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Insomnia, Meet Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil, the Warrior of insomnia.

In today’s time, sleep (read: good, quality sleep) is hard to come by. Some days, sleep is great. Other days, it eludes us. This is often due to many different factors within our life such as stress, lack of sleep pattern (not going to bed at the same time), staying up too late, viewing our phones/computers/television late into the night, chronic pain, bad diet, lack of exercise, etc. However, sleep is essential to our livelihood. No one wants to feel like a walking zombie on autopilot. It is easy to fall into the pattern of terrible sleep and relying on an endless amount of coffee. However, there are some things that we can implement in our lives to ensure that we get the sleep that we need that will allow our bodies and minds to heal and recuperate as we rest.

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