Let’s Take a Walk


Sometimes (oftentimes), we need to get out. We need to get out and surround ourself with the beauty of nature.

We must walk in the grass, inhale the fragrance of the flowers, witness nature as it happens around us, and enjoy life. Often, we get caught up in the day-to-day and fail to get back to nature. Walking in the gardens is a wonderful way to relieve stress, immerse ourselves in the peaceful vibe around us, and allows us to reset.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Guard Your Elements

Behold your power. Behold your worth. Behold your peace. Behold your joy.

You, fellow Warrior, are the ruler of them all. No one, but you.

Each of the universal elements that are within us are magnificent but can also be fragile…if we allow it to be. As much as it is treasured, it will be challenged. We must be the protectors of the elements. We shall not allow anyone else the power to control what is within each of us.

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