Join Me for the “Finish the Year Fully Energized Workshop” – 12/2

pexels-photo-450301Hello, Warriors!!

On the journey to grow my mindset mentor practice, I am opening a new chapter of Warrior Wisdom and Wit. The first page of that chapter is teaching lessons and methods that will enable you to hone in your focus, honor your gifts, accomplishments, and self as well as working toward your goals for the rest of the year.

As we get closer to the end year, we often begin to look to the next year in order for us to reach our goals, while forgetting about the time we have left in the existing year. 
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Liberate Yourself! 4 Reasons Why You Should Write It Down – Relax, Relate, Release Part IV



What a year! First, take a moment to give thanks for the year. The ups, downs, and everything in between. Without them, we will not know ourselves and our capabilities.

As the year is coming to a close, many people are focusing on their challenges (or what I call, “character-building moments”). While it is okay to reflect, one must ensure that they are looking at the challenges / character-building moments in the right way. Right now, many people are saying, “Oh, this year sucked!” or “I can’t wait until 2017!” Well, in order to make sure the next year is phenomenal, you must weed and feed. This year, you planted a seed for yourself. But just with plants, you must prune them to allow it to grow healthy. In life, we must prune the negativity, bad habits, and things that do not deserve to move on with us. After pruning, we must feed our life positive energy in order to flourish.

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